Chapter 1 of our Adoption Story

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     We have been blessed.  Blessed with two healthy boys. Blessed with a beautiful house. Blessed with a supportive extended family. Blessed with good health. Blessed.

     The blessing of a beautiful home, however, seemed too big for us. We started asking ourselves why we live in a 4 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms. Our oldest son, Zach, was starting college in the fall, and we felt our house was too much of a good thing. We enlisted a realtor to give us tips for selling quickly, and after meeting with her once, we sat down at the kitchen table to discuss our downsizing plans.

     “I can’t wait to travel more. I just want fewer bathrooms to clean, and more stamps in our passports!” I told my husband, Jim.

     At this point, our youngest son, James, with all his angelic innocence chimed in, “All I want to know is, when is my baby sister going to get here?”

     My husband and I just looked at each other in amazement. Although we had planned on having more children, our attempts always ended the same way. We had not talked with James about this, as he is only four. We were happy and content with our beautiful boys, and for the most part, our downsizing plans were based on our current family size. Still we wondered…Where did James get such a notion? How do you explain to a 4 year old that having more children was probably not possible….or was it?

     Imagine now, a movie scene where a flood of images and memories spring forth from the depths of your memories…things you have not thought of in years, conversations that were long gone, moments in time that were scattered into the universe….all cascading back into the present. This is what the next few weeks were like…..I like to think of them as seeds from God’s garden falling on our lives, and they were beginning to take root.


more blessings were in store for us.

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