Chapter 3 of our Adoption Story

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Holt International

Choosing a Placing Agency

How do we choose an agency, from the thousands available, to represent us in our quest to provide a home for a homeless child.

     As I said in another section of this blog, ( everyone basically follows the same steps in an International Adoption. On one hand, that is great for this “Type A” person, because I can see exactly what step I am on and where I am heading.  On the other hand, just because I finish one step quickly, doesn’t mean I can move right on to the next step. Much of the adoption process is in the hands of many other people, and relying on others to move as quickly or be as efficient as I would like them to be, has proven to be a test of my patience.  I have had to (on more than one occasion already) take a step away from my “adoption concerns” and leave it in the hands of the Greater Good.

     This is why, if I could give advice to anyone looking to adopt, it would be to chose an agency that is reliable, comes with good credentials, has a long history of helping children find the right home, and “fits your personality.”  These agencies will be working hard for you. They will be assisting you in your quest to expand your family. They are there to help.

     My husband and I researched, looked at agency reviews of past performance, gathered recommendations, checked out agency websites, and finally we were be able to narrow it down to an agency that felt right.  Keep in mind, researching reviews of adoption agencies can be scary, as all agencies get bad reviews. Look holistically at those reviews and remember, “You can’t please everyone, all of the time.”

     In the end, we chose Holt International as our adoption agency, located in Oregon. The first thing I loved about Holt was the story about the founders, Harry and Bertha Holt. ( Despite the fact that I have never met them, their story reached out and touched me. They set out to make the impossible, possible. I love that. The values of the Holt family match our family’s values. That was an important deciding factor for us.

     Another thing we liked about Holt was their website.  So much time is spent online these days.  So, when you need to use a site online that is disorganized, confusing or not very appealing/user friendly, it limits your productivity, and believe me…adopting a child can feel like a full time job. Therefore, I need resources that are well organized, thorough and easy to navigate.

     Finally, Holt came with great reviews from our local agency, Baker Victory. As I mentioned in another part of my blog (, Baker Victory Services in Lackawanna, NY is not licensed with China to be a placing agency, but they can complete home studies. We chose Baker Victory because we had close friends who had either adopted children or were adopted through this agency. Baker Victory has a long standing reputation and Christian values that we can appreciate.

     One added benefit we were not anticipating from selecting Holt was the time difference between the East Coast and the West Coast. Since we are located in New York, and Holt is located in Oregon, I can come home from work, cook dinner, put James to bed and still call or email questions during their business hours. We have found Holt to be extremely efficient so far. We couldn’t be happier with our selection.

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