Chapter 10 of our Adoption Story

Fundraising is a total pain. We absolutely hate asking people for money. It’s uncomfortable. It’s awkward. It’s a total pain.

When we realized, last summer, that adoption was going to be part of our life story, and we discovered how much it would cost, we discussed at length how we were going to make that happen….without going into debt. Like most people, we already have debt, and we certainly didn’t want to add to it.  As mentioned in a different part of this blog, we’re actively working (tutoring, coaching, selling on eBay, etc) to pay as much of the costs as we can without taking out an adoption loan.  We are also applying for numerous adoption grants. But it was a story about a horse that sparked the idea for our first fundraising event.

A couple was trying to raise money for an adoption and wanted to sell their horse for a few thousand dollars. Instead, they created a raffle for the horse for $50 each and hoped to sell 500 tickets. This would cover a good chunk of their expenses.  Well….we don’t have a horse….but we do co-own a vacation rental property in Kissimmee, Florida!

The other two families who own the home with us graciously agreed to let us raffle off a week in the summer of 2014 to help us raise some money for our adoption.  We felt better asking people to buy a raffle ticket rather than just asking people for money. It’s a pride thing….

The raffle lasted for about a month, and if I’m totally honest, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. We put up signs everywhere, used social media, and sent out letters to our friends and family.  Ironically, people seemed to be more interested in just donating money to us rather than participating in the raffle.  Don’t get me wrong, there were people who definitely were interested in the raffle. Some people that we have never even met joined in!  In the end, we sold about 200 tickets, at $25 a piece, kickstarting our fundraising efforts in a really positive direction.

With one event down, we look toward the spring season. Spring is a time for cleaning out the house, and for getting into the garden. This is perfect timing for fundraising event #2 and #3 which include a garage sale and a plant sale.  If you live locally and want to unload anything during your spring cleaning and donate it to our garage sale….we’ll gratefully accept your goods.  We’ll even come pick them up if you’d like! A good friend of mine, who is also a “garage sale master”, says that toys and furniture are great sellers.

Anyways…here’s a quick video celebrating our first fundraising effort, and of course, our winner!



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