Chapter 11 of our Adoption Story

“Gardens are not made by singing, ‘Oh, how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade.”  – Rudyard Kipling

…and neither are adoptions!

Since our paperwork was completed in March, I guess you could say we are sitting in the shade, waiting for the sunny day when we can say, “We have a daughter!”  While we wait for all the pieces to fall into place…we continue to press forward with the dreaded fundraising process.  I mentioned before that I dislike this part of the adoption process very, VERY much…but we are determined to do this without going into debt.

So while we wait, why not plant a garden! While we’re at it… why not turn this into a fundraising event?

So, with the help of my 5 year old…the next fundraising event is….

Seedlings for Sister!

First, because I’m a science teacher, we explored how every plant starts as a seed and watched the germination process occur. James “expertly sprayed” each tray lined with seeds (between 2 paper towels) to keep them moist.


Once we saw the roots, we carefully planted them in soil. (Thankfully we had one nice day in our less than stellar Spring where we could do this outside on the deck.)


Unfortunately for my “tidy” hubby, the plants have taken over our kitchen because it’s still too cold for them to be outside full time.  Hopefully this week they can move out!


I have to say, I truly have enjoyed planting them and taking care of them. It’s really rewarding to watch them pop out of the soil and aim for the sun lit windows.

How does this tie into our fundraising efforts? Well, we certainly have no intentions on planting all these seedlings ourselves! I love gardening, but there is a limit to my abilities! So, on Memorial Day weekend, I will be holding a “Plant Sale” outside my dear friend’s Bed and Breakfast Country Inn, The Asa Ransom House. Plants will be just $2 each, which is cheaper than Lowe’s or other garden centers, and mine are ALL ORGANIC!  The sale will be held on Sunday only from 8- 3pm. You can reserve your plants by sending me an email at and letting me know what kinds and how many you’d like. Of course, you have to live locally to reserve plants! I don’t think these travel well! For growing and harvesting instructions, click on the name of each plant to open up a link with information. Again, all plants are organic. Most seeds were purchased through the Patriot Supply Company.  Here’s what’s available:







Lettuces (3 varieties)

Cherry Tomato                


Lil’ Pumpkins *The cute kind!

Beef Steak Tomato          

Pole Beans                              

Summer Squash

White Spanish Onion        

Bush Beans                              



Corn (2 varieties) *Stalks are great for fall decorations 1) Trucker’s Favorite 2) Golden Bantam




Thank you for your continued support and prayers for “little sister.” We look forward to sharing some delightful news about her soon! 


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