Chapter 14 of our Adoption Story

Note: This post “should have” happened before we left for China, but….it didn’t. You might think we were OVERWHELMED….but I say we were OVERJOYED! 

We’ll soon be departing for one of the greatest adventures of our lives. We’ll fly half way across the world to make a profound difference in the life of another human, our future daughter. We can’t believe how beautifully the events of this past year have unfolded, and how we truly feel led by a much greater presence along the way. We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you how miraculous it has been. Starting with this lady here….my grandmother, Jeannette Adele….who is cheering us on from the other side of heaven.

My grandmother, Jeannette Adele, holding my son, Zachariah. (January, 1995)

My grandmother, Jeannette Adele, holding my son, Zachariah. (January, 1995)

There are certain “checkpoints” throughout the adoption process. Although we knew who our daughter was in April of 2014, and had chosen her name to be Mei Li Adele, China had not formally agreed to let her be adopted. The approval came the same week my Christmas cactus bloomed. This is the flowering plant that I took from my grandmother’s estate years ago, and only blooms for about one week each year. We feel it was a little “congratulations” from my grandmother.

My grandmother's Christmas cactus in full bloom!

My grandmother’s Christmas cactus in full bloom!

The Christmas cactus with the first picture we ever saw of our daughter.

The Christmas cactus with the first picture we ever saw of our daughter.

Finally, we reached the point in our journey where we needed “travel approval” from China. This approval came on August 13th, which would have been my grandmother’s 94th birthday. Another special moment shared with a very special lady. When our agency called us with the travel approval, they mentioned that we could make the September 12th travel group. Unfortunately, we had to defer the trip to October, because Jim and I are both teachers and James was starting kindergarten. But, what is amazing about September 12th….that was my grandmother’s baptism day..the day she was adopted into God’s family!

My grandmother’s baptism certificate, which lists her birth (August 13, 1920) and her baptism/adoption into God’s family. (September 12, 1920)

The most special moment for us will be seeing this cute face for the first time, and amazingly enough, that will happen on my birthday, October 20th. Although this moment will be spectacular for us, it can be very traumatic for adoptees. We know that Jeannette Adele will be watching over us, and praying for Mei Li Adele to have a strong, trusting heart. We’d also be so grateful for your prayers as she makes this transition into her forever family.

Our sweet girl.

Our sweet girl.

Adopting a child does not change the world, but for this child, the world the change!


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