Chapter 15 of our Adoption Story

Preparing for a toddler to join our family was so much fun….but as we now know…having another toddler in the house is not only fun, but a learning experience for us! Things we thought were a good idea turned out to need quick adjustments once we arrived home from China…or were not needed at all!

Here are a few pictures of our preparations in her new bedroom. It’s a small room that has two access points, one in the hallway and one in our bedroom. This is super convenient, but because it’s so small, we decided to redo her closet (with the help of my dad!) to accommodate a dresser. IMG_5365
IMG_5366 IMG_5423


 This opened up a space in her room for a fold out chair/bed. We thought we’d need to sleep near Mei Li because her report from our agency said she was sleeping in the same room as her foster mother. It turns out, she’s an AWESOME sleeper, and doesn’t need us in her room at all.


We also thought that having her crib set up as a day bed was logical, given her age. When James was almost 3, he “upgraded” to a day bed….BUT…as it turns out, Mei Li is a wild woman, and the first thing we did when we arrived home was put the side back on the crib to keep her contained! This worked for 4 nights, until she realized she could climb out all by herself! We didn’t catch her the first time she did it, but rather found her on the floor playing with her toys.  The second time we saw that she was using the shelving unit next to her crib as a sort of ladder….so we moved that…told her in “broken Mandarin” that she was not allowed to climb out of her crib. She hasn’t attempted it again! She is such a good listener!!





Snuggled in….safe and sound!


Above her bed, hangs a wall hanging which reads (Sorry about the bad picture!), “If I had to choose again, I’d still choose you, every single time.”  As fate would have it, the letters for the word “YOU” have a special story.  At a craft store, I found the letters Y and U in pink, but the letter O was only available in green.  I went back to the craft store multiple times to find a pink O, with no luck. I was running out of time and patience, and ended up just using the two colors as is.  Then I thought…wait….her Chinese name is “LEI YU!”  Of course I would chose “YU” every single time!


We also added a picture of her foster mother. We want to keep her in Mei’s mind. She really made a huge difference in her life, and I never want her to forget her. The item on the right of the frame is a butterfly….made by big brother, James.


Finally, we added a doll house that was made by some students at a nearby school. I re-painted it to match her room. I thought it would be a great way to teach her about family life….turns out she would rather rip off the door and porch pillar.  So…we’ll save that for her 5th birthday! haha….


In other parts of our house…we tidied up the playroom, made a special sign for our sweet girl, got out the high chair and potty chairs (turns out she’d rather use the big toilet!) and thanks to our friends at Jim’s work equipped our car with a great car seat!

IMG_5752 IMG_5753





IMG_5779Whew! We’re ready for her! Next stop….CHINA!!



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